The Minneapolis Charter Commission will consider a proposal this afternoon that would alter the city council ward boundaries in the Lowry Hill District as part of the city-wide redistricting process.

As proposed in the boundary plans dated March 26th, ward 7 would include the west side of Hennepin Avenue from Lake Street up to the Walker Art Center / Loring Park area.  Ward 10 would include the east side of Hennepin Avenue.  Currently, ward 7 includes the area on the west side of Hennepin Avenue north of 22nd Street, with the 10th ward including the west side of Hennepin south of 22nd Street and all of the east side of Hennepin.

At present, Ward 7 is represented by council member Lisa Goodman and ward 10 is represented by council member Meg Tuthill.  The mayor and all 13 city council seats will be up for reelection in 2013 based on the ward boundaries that the commission adopts.

The ward maps were last redrawn in 2002 following the 2000 census.  Prior to 2002, the ward boundaries along Hennepin Avenue were similar to those now being proposed with the Ward 7 on the west side of Hennepin and Ward 10 on the east side of the street.

UPDATE MARCH 28, 2012: These boundary maps were ADOPTED as drafted by the Charter Commission at its March 27, meeting so these are the new ward boundaries.

Click here to open PDF of adopted Ward 7 map.

Click here to open PDF of adopted Ward 10 map.

Click here for further information about redistricting.

Proposed Ward Boundaries



    Lowry Hill District Streetpole SignThe South Hennepin Business Association is pleased announce the launch of our Lowry Hill District rebranding effort for Hennepin Avenue between Douglas Avenue and West 28th Street.  The new Lowry Hill District identity signs started going up today and our new website, featuring a comprehensive directory of local businesses, went live today as well.

    This rebranding effort started with a large survey of businesses and property owners back in 2010 that made it clear that our area lacked a common identity.  The rebranding process continued with a series of business and neighborhood group meetings in 2011 along with the planning and fabrication of the new permanent identity signs.

    Lowry Hill SignsThe overarching goal of this rebranding effort is to help improve visibility and increase sales for local businesses by creating a unique identity for our segment of Hennepin Avenue.  Think of the well-known business district identities in Minneapolis – Eat Street, Lyn-Lake, the Warehouse District – businesses in these areas benefit because the general public understands immediately where these areas are located.

    Our business survey also told us that business owners wanted help marketing and promoting themselves.  The new website is intended to serve as a springboard for local businesses to promote their products and services to the thousands of residents, workers and visitors in our area every day.

    The new identity signs and the website are just the start of our efforts to help attract more customers to the area.  We are exploring a variety of strategies aimed at marketing and promoting local businesses.  Plus, we have more website features we plan to roll out in the coming months.

    Formed in 1993, the South Hennepin Business Association is a nonprofit corporation of member businesses whose mission is to promote and support local business and property owners.